Sand cinema (sand animation) is an art rich with emotions and filled with energy that requires artist’s precision, speed and ability to focus. Sand performance creates a fleeting moment of magic – so shifty, intangible, beautiful and simple it is.


It involves drawing in sand animation technique on illuminated glass using Latvian sand and by artist’s hands.

Sand cinema means not only beautiful images, but also a sand-animated story. Each performance is individual- with a personalised approach and a unique storyline. We know how to tell a story by drawing, including ideas, animation storyline and emotions keeping composition and drawing dynamics. The most timely and exciting work is the process of performance creation. It is not an improvisation.

What do we offer?

We offer all kinds of sand animation services. We are ready to implement every one of your creative and crazy ideas, offering you and guests of your event with an unprecedented and emotional adventure.
We are constantly improving,growing and offering new performance solutions and technical support.


Off-site events

    • Performances
      Sand drawing desk is equipped with lighting and video equipment that allows this process to be filmed and broadcasted on screens so that it can be seen live by any visitor of the event.. In order to ensure high-quality performance, we need the following environmental factors and technical support: electricity, projector and screen (or TV), windless environment and reduced light (semi-darkness).
    • Master classes
      In the off-site events along with the performances, we are happy to give the opportunity to try sand animation to visitors of the event, which is organised as sand cinema master classes.
    • We offer sand cinema master classes with various game elements and creative sand application workshops for children events, schools and children summer camps (more detailed on
    • School programme: suitable for children aged 7-13 years. Children are divided into two groups – one group works with moving sand cinema and draws with sand using game elements of “silent show”, watches performance of our artist, while the second group paints sand art cards. After that, both groups swap places. Duration of classes: 40 + 40 minutes, maximum number of children at simultaneous classes – 35.

Sand animation table rent

We offer small sand animation equipment for rent. Price per desk – EUR 30, including taxes/per week. The offer includes one small sand drawing desk with built-in LED lighting, drawing glass and sand. The desk can be placed on a table or on the floor. You can collect the desk in our warehouse at O. Vācieša Street 47-13, Riga, with advance booking.

Sand animation videos

​A camera installed above the sand desk enables to film sand animation and save it for later use. You can edit and process video, add voice or subtitles, and receive video in electronic format. This offer is commonly used by companies for marketing purposes and published on Youtube, facebook, various web pages etc.

We participate in:

      • corporate events
      • conferences, presentations
      • private events (weddings, anniversaries)
      • award ceremonies
      • municipal events, festivals
      • concerts, shows
      • schools, kindergartens
      • church events, concerts